An iron will and a breakfast food.


I see snatches of the sky on my way home– in the gap between the auto driver and the windshield, in the millimeter’s space between buildings, through the rustling leaves of trees. I can never tell what the sky is up to entirely.

Posing as a traveler

Spontaneity would not work for us this time. An occasion so rare, so important, would only become reality if we planned every second of it. And so, it was in January that we started planning our trip to Pondicherry in April.

The Going Beyond

Meta is a word which means “beyond”. Meta is definitely beyond. It feels like a gross injustice to reduce its definition to “the cultural fest held by the English and Journalism department of St. Joseph’s College”. This is a mere fact, and speaks nothing of the magic that is created after college hours, when the…

Not a superpower

I wish they taught us how to be extroverts in school. The lack of knowledge about the soil profile has not haunted me as the lack of knowledge about how to interact normally with other beings of my species has. You can see why, can’t you?

The Season’s Fever

in which I realise the ridiculous, insane, and amazingly entertaining things that passion makes us do.

The Digestive Tract: A Spiritual Journey

It’s a dance, don’t you know? A cha-cha all the way to the other corner of the city for that one dosa, that one cup of filter coffee, that one mug of beer that can satisfy you like nothing else can. 

The Story Stealers

Everyone is a storyteller. We all have something to say, even if we don’t say it like everyone else. While this is a beautiful and comforting concept, it is down-right exploited by the aunts of my family.